About our Company

We are a California-based venture that aims to simplify the administrative tasks that occur during layoffs. For companies planning to conduct layoffs, we handle all the tasks required for layoffs, including preparing severance packages, preparing various contracts, and preparing necessary schedules and to-do lists.

The Journey

Initially, we supported onboarding

I used to manage a recruiting platform specializing in the VR and AR industry. At that time, I strongly felt that there was an issue with the layoff system itself when I received employment advice from people who had come from well-known VR and AR companies who were laid off one after another.

Layoff sites were exhausted

When we actually interviewed more than several dozen HR personnel, we learned that they all had common issues and that the field was very tired. HR wanted to be more employee-focused, but they were so busy with the task at hand that they were not able to do higher-priority work.Furthermore, even though most companies have experienced layoffs, they were not sharing better knowledge, etc., because it is a very sensitive subject.

Started Newond!

So we decided to start a company to help with back-office operations during layoffs. Software that automates the process and saves hours of work and tens of thousands of dollars in expenses.

Our goal is a world where layoffs will eventually be eliminated.

We aim to create a society in which each individual can pursue the life and happiness they truly desire. This requires an environment in which companies and the people involved provide resources to those who work for them. In particular, we want to create an environment in which people involved in layoffs can work with peace of mind and focus on strategy development, management, and communication with staff.

Get the help you need with Newond

The compassionate new way to layoff staff
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